“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction, not a destination.”
— Carl Rogers

Welcome! My name is Theodora Constantinou, and I am a licensed School/Educational Psychologist, working with children, teenagers and their families within the field of mental well-being. As part of the human journey, each of us deals with a wide variety of challenges; each family faces its own difficulties.

Life can be chaotic. A child, a teenager and a parent can feel lost, losing control or overwhelmed by what life may throw at you. It can be difficult to seek for support. Especially when it comes to the most important person in your life - your child. It is important to feel seen and heard, by someone whose skills and expertise are ideally suited to attend to and address your concerns.

I am effectively trained and specialize in supporting children and their families to live a rich and fulfilling life, understand the root of the challenges you are facing, while empowering you in a path of self-growth and well-being.

When you decide that you are ready to take the first step, I will be here to support you and your family.



I specialize in cognitive-behavioural therapy through counselling, psychoeducational evaluations, as well as creating and implementing intervention programs for children, teenagers and parents.

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Who am I?

I acknowledge and cherish the privilege of joining your family’s journey of self-acceptance, growth and mental well-being. Before that, allow me to offer you some insight into my professional and personal journey.

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Everyone has questions. Get answers to the most frequently asked questions here. These can help you when deciding whether to allow me to join your journey..

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