Understanding - Acceptance - Empowerment - Growth


As part of the human journey, each of us deals with a wide variety of challenges; each family faces its own difficulties.

As a School Psychologist, I am effectively trained and specialize in supporting children and their families understand the root of the challenges they are facing, while empowering them in a path of self-growth.

This may include identifying learning difficulties, coping with emotional, cognitive, social or behavioural challenges, and creating intervention plans.



I specialize in conducting psychoeducational evaluations, as well as intervention programs and counselling for children, teenagers and parents.

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Who am I?

Being a co-traveller with you and your family, in your journey of self-acceptance and growth is a privilage I acknowledge and cherish. Before we begin our journey, I offer you the choice to read some information about my professional and personal journey.

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This section provides answers to frequent questions.

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