Psychoeducational assessment

A holistic psychoeducational assessment evaluates the cognitive, learning and emotional functioning of children. Through standardised tests, clinical observations and interviews, a valid and reliable portrayal will be created of your child’s strengths and weaknesses.

These form the foundations of the intervention program aimed to fully supporting your child’s needs.

Intervention Program for children and teenagers

Having identified your child’s challenges - whether emotional or behavioural - we will collaboratively create an intervention plan for uncovering and removing its blocks.

Through play and dialogue, I encourage understanding and coping with the wide range of a child’s emotions, while also helping nurture skills of courage, persistence and self-esteem when coping with them. 

I specialize in anxiety, anger, self-esteem and social skills.

Intervention program for parents and educators

As parents and educators, you have an integral role in the upbringing of your children and students. An intervention program can be created aiming to support and empower your role, develop more effective communication, set boundaries, and create routines at home and school.

Supporting challenges within a classroom or household, we create and develop a deeper, more meaningful and positive relationship between parent and child, or teacher and student.


Seminars involve the psychoeducation or training of children, teenagers, parents or teachers in various themes that involve the modern home or school environment. Themes are adjusted to your needs, and may involve coping with challenging emotions such as anxiety, anger, jealousy or bullying.